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So my new rig is incredible, but there is one tiny issue. I have a set of 5.1 speakers and a 7.1 headset I switch between using. But I can only have one of these plugged in at a time so I have to crawl under my desk every-time and swap them. Is there someway I could get something to keep them both plugged in and either just press the power button or switch a setting on my computer?

I'm also looking into new monitors. I want to get 2. No more than $120ish. Around 20"-24". 1080p. Any recommendations?

Also, Q, you had said if I got 2 128 ssds I could link them together and make them twice as fast? Can you elaborate on that?

And one last question: The sata ports on my motherboard are all filled. Is there a way to connect more hard-drives without needing a new motherboard?

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