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I understand...Just promise me that you'll be safe.

Tavaryn was glad that his face couldn't be seen very well with his helmet on. He sent back, For you, I always will try.

He then looked at Tyrannus just as Xandros said, "he reason I'm here is to protect Jedi Alriana. And yes, I am angry at Tavaryn for what he did, but killing you takes priority here. Rest assured, you will die today."

Tyrannus was laughing at the pair. He was particularly interested in Tavaryn since he was from the family that was his sworn enemy. The Shinigami was interesting since he was a hot tempered youth and that was a rare thing for the stoic order. He looked at Tavaryn, "You Shinigami brother thinks that it's my day to die."

"Perhaps he is right," Tavaryn replied. At that moment he shouted, "Now Tara."

The station's room defenses turned on and targeted Tyrannus, shooting blaster bolts at him which he deflected with his lightsaber. Tavaryn shouted at Alriana and Jun-la, "Go."

Jun-la started forward and pulled on Alriana and the child towards the exit. She called on her comm, "Andros, have the ship ready."

Copy that master.

Tavaryn in the meantime had launched forward, activating the lightsaber that had belonged to his father and pulled out his Avalonian blade. The weave of the blade was stronger than cortosis and highly prized by Republic soldiers. He knew Belina had one somewhere.

Tyrannus growled as he defended himself. He was frustrated when his leverage disappeared out of the room. No matter. He had Tavaryn and he was coming at him. He blocked the blows and laughed. "That lightsaber is a work of art and to think it lasted all these years."

"Good service," Tavaryn muttered. He was pushed back by Tyrannus and ended up going over a panel. He ended up bumping into Xandros. He then said in Avalonian, "Are you familiar with two prong maneuver?"

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