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For you, I always will try.

Alriana smiled for a moment. She knew that Tavaryn would always keep his promise to the best of the ability. Good luck. She sent As the small group headed for the exit as quickly as possible. She turned around and took one last look at the battling combatants and ran after them with the child's hand in hers.

"Are you familiar with two prong maneuver?"

Xandros looked at Tavaryn and nodded as he began to move into position.

Command Deck

Belina watched as the small shuttle containing the two ambassadors and a small security patrol shot into hyperspace. She looked back at the communications panel.

"The ambassadors are on their way." She said to the armored figure that was on the screen. "And as I said, if you are to join us, your planet will recieve as much planetary aid as you need. You will also be permitted full use of the Resistance's facilities and that includes spacedocks and repair yards."

The figure nodded for a moment. "We will see what else your ambassadors have to offer and rest assured, you will get a response shortly. But you were correct when you said this new sith threat is a threat to the galaxy. When we decide on a course of action we will notify you. Re'turcye mhi "

Belina deactivated the panel and looked out the window and hoped to the force that everything would work out. She looked down at the intercom and shook her head for a moment. "Attention. Master Kol Skywalker, please report to the briefing room on the bridge." She said into the intercom as she headed for the briefing room.
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