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Originally Posted by duster View Post
I've been working on an armband that will let me meditate and unmeditate whenever i use it.So far the player goes into the meditation position but also gets back to normal.Can someone tell me what i need to change in my script?

void main()
ActionPlayAnimation( ANIMATION_LOOPING_MEDITATE, 1.0, -1.0);
I also tryed a scipt from another mod as a template for this one but it didn't work out.
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Any help would be apreciated.
looping animation should not stop until you ClearAllEffects.

I am away from my office atm, but I would try compiling it with only the -1.0 duration and not including the 1.0, which as a parameter I cannot recall what it is.

This should be simple to fix. Look at my Sith Stalker script which appears early in my Script Shack thread.

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