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Originally Posted by Fallen Guardian View Post
Since an animation is an action and is assigned as such, it'd probably be better to call ClearAllActions, but since I can't remember exactly I'll throw in ClearAllEffects as well.

void main()

DelayCommand(1.5, AssignCommand(GetFirstPC(), ClearAllActions()));
DelayCommand(1.5, AssignCommand(GetFirstPC(), ClearAllEffects()));
Of course you can adjust 1.5 to whatever delay you want and it might be prudent to change GetFirstPC to something that would call the object that last activated the armband, if you plan to have more than just the PC be able to meditate on whim.
I believe there's a function in k_inc_force.nss that's called "GetSpellTargetObject();"

The devs used it as the master target-selector for any and all lines in the vanilla spells.2da...

Always remember modders: "Quality= Effort*Time"

Originally Posted by Jae Onasi
Hi! I messaged him on Facebook and got this answer: "Sure if he wants to release a new KSE, no problem. I'm surprised he was able to find all the perl modules. I released them a long time ago but they were buried somewhere in the KSE thread." So, go for it--please give him credit for the original work, though!
KSE 3.3.4 is LIVE!!! Check it out here.

12/13/13 -- Fixed KSE 3.3.4 bugs. Please check the above link.
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