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Damn!First i wasn't able to go to the site and then my Windows broke down.Never the less everything is fixed now.
Originally Posted by Fair Strides 2 View Post
Oh! In that case:

You'll need to make a global boolean(Pretty easy, but don;t have the time to explain it now) and check it each time the band is used. For example:
void main()
    if(GetGlobalBoolean("Armband_is_on") == 1)
        <Deactivate meditating>
        SetGlobalBoolean("Armband_is_on", 0);
        return; // Makes it so we don't do the part below, otherwise you'd never leave
    if(GetGlobalBoolean("Armband_is_on") == 0)
       <Activate meditating>
       SetGlobalBoolean("Armband_is_on", 1);
*sign*Unfortunetly it didn't change anything.Thank's for the help though.

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