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Little update, haven't done one for sometime so.....

Trials of Darth Herrco

Things are moving along after a long layoff, but I'm happy with the mod so far. Will probably need some voice actors so I may be contacting some of you out there who have previously done work for me or have volunteered your services.

No screenies... really not much worth showing that you haven't already seen.

Korriban Expansion 2.0

I am also going to release with the Trials of Darth Herrco a sort of updated Korriban Expansion. It will include a NEW area to explore which will fit in with the pre-existing areas. I will also include some other little **extras** and some fixes for some minor bugs.

So, if you experienced any bugs that you think should be fixed, pm me here at LF. I already know about the Sanctuary problem that some users have had and the journal entry that does not close out. If any others, let me know.

Onderon Expansion

This mod is on indefinite hold. It is a big mod and right now I just don't have the focus for.

That's all I have for now...not much...but still alive and kick'n.

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