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Jun-la followed Alriana, making sure that their flank was covered. As much as she would have liked to have stayed with her uncle and fight, she knew that he needed to do this himself. So she covered their backs and pressed forward.

As they made their way through the station, they thought that they were home free when a bulkhead shut in front of them. She frowned at that. "What the...?"

I am sorry Jedi Starlighter. It appears that there are enemies on this deck.

Jun-la gave a slight grin, "Tara? Are you in the system?"

Yes. I can guide you out with a little help. Take the south corridor. The others have traps.

Jun-la looked at Alriana and asked, "Were you the one that once made the joke about following a computer's orders?"


Andros moved, his lightsaber a bright blue beacon. He held it in one hand and carefully moved in a side step. He blocked when a few strikes came his way.

Tyrannus chuckled, "So much like your father. The Negotiator was always a cautious one. Perhaps the only time he threw it away was when it involved your mother."

Tavaryn gave a slight nod but didn't speak. He did block when Tyrannus lashed out. It was quick and decisive. The sparks flew since it was rapid and fast. It was followed by a knock to the head by something that flew right at him and it dazed him.

Tyrannus took advantage and started in at Xandros. He led with a complicated maneuver and then used a bolt of electricity at close range, guaranteed for the shock of his life. He looked at Xandros and said, "A little out of practice Shinigami?"

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