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Originally Posted by adamqd View Post
Watched it last night. By far my favorite version of Superman
I agree with this, but considering how bad the other Superman movie were, that isn't saying much in my opinion.

I thought the movie was great, up until the moment it started focusing on General Zod aspect of the story. If they would have focused more on his youth, dealing with his power and secret, then the movie really would have be epic. All the acting was wonderfully done, but I felt both Diane Lane and Kevin Costner were the only characters that invoked an emotional response, not the other actors fault, mainly the scripts and the subject matter. After all not much of a Superman if he dies before any sequels and they milk the reboot for everything it is worth. All in all, decent popcorn movie, brain is not required.

Not on par with the first iron man or the batman reboot, but not the Hult either.

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