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Originally Posted by darthtyren View Post
Umm... with who? Be more specific with requests like this. Reason being is that it could be done, although I don't see much point.
Sorry for not being more specific. When I said "a new party member" earlier I actually meant "a new character" who would join you when Kreia leaves.
Also, I didn't say what kind of character I want intentionally. I meant this new character could be anything you guys like; a droid, an alien, a jedi... anything, as long as the character doesn't replace anyone but only fills Kreia's gap, would be great. But, if I really had to choose between a jedi, a sith, a droid or an alien, I'd go with the droid. I would love to have another HK in my party, to have him (her? I don't know if it's possible to make a female HK) help HK-47 in his raid on the HK factory on Telos. And Kreia's betrayal takes place just a bit before HK's attack in the factory. Anyway, 10 party members is better than 9, right? That's the reason I posted this.
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