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Update: 23 total sabers from USM have been chosen to be included in the mod. I've omitted short sabers because frankly, other than being off-hand balanced, I don't see much use in them. I have other plans anyhow that'll make you guys totally forget short sabers.

I left a few out because of the movie hilts (Anakin, Vader, Luke, Qui-Gon's etc) and the BA-122 Prototype I just wasn't sure what to do with it (since it's intended use is to be a breakaway saber). On top of that, I still have HOTOR to go through, and I've gotten permission from Evasto (Kotorfiles) to use two of his magnificent hilt.

Next, I just need to make all of the hilt UTIs and necessary 2da edits and we could be looking at a release pretty soon here.

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