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Originally Posted by darthtyren View Post
Well, seeing as you go straight from Telos to Malachor, and you don't have a party on Malachor, and the only reason why I don't think that the whole droid joining the raid on the HK Factory is that if it's another HK droid, self-preservation programming would kick in. I honestly don't see the point in filling in the gap Kreia leaves if it only lasts that long.
You know, the self-preservation programming problem can be bypassed with some imagination.
Say... "A special HK unit has been sent to find and terminate the Exile. However, since the HK-50s had some unexpected encounters with HK-47, this special unit does not possess any self-preservation programming, meaning he can attack other HK units, specifically HK-47.
The special unit finds HK-47, but the predecessor unit manages to persuade the special unit to help him. So, the special unit and HK-47 join forces and attack the factory together."

Don't make me write more about it saying it's not possible to persuade an HK into doing something else, or I'll find a way around it too...

I just hate seeing an empty slot whenever I see my party table at the end of the game.
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