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New Ultimate Saber Mod

For those who don't know, I've been working on a saber mod that will be compatible with TSLRCM. It will bring USM, HOTOR and all the other hilts you can imagine together in one big mod.

Well instead of speculation and discussion, we are now entering Phase 2 of the mod making process.

Phase 2 is the part where the mod actually works and could be released as is (no TSLPatcher ATM)

However, since this is intending to expand beyond its current scope, I figure we can start a new thread not about which are your favorite sabers, but an official update thread. I'll still take input of course, but the focus of this is to provide updates and get feedback about the mod itself, not just the sabers.

Also, if you could, I'm trying to decide on an epic name to call this mod so people will be intrigued and download it. I don't want all this work to go to waste after all. Just vote above or if you have another idea, just post it below.

Here's where we're at.

USM - I have permission from Chainz.2da to use USM hilts. 20 of which are converted
HOTOR - I have permission from Qui-Don Jorn to use HOTOR hilts, just waiting for the textures
Quanon - Permission Pending
Evasto - Evast's Lightsaber, Inrita's, Ametha's and Kilana's Lightsabers
oldflash - Any and all of his hilts.
DeadMan - Lightsaber Pikes (credit will be given)

And a few others (some Kotorfiles ones that slip my mind)

Here's the current system in action. (USM hilts and my own Sith Hilts included)

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YouTube Video

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