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Originally Posted by Fair Strides 2 View Post
Okay, then here's a bit of starting advice:

1. If you extract the .git using KT, you can view it in KGFF. In there you'll see things like:
  1. TriggersList
  2. CharactersList
  3. WaypointsList
  4. .etc

2. Check the characters' starting locations/waypoints, then look for the corresponding tag in the WaypointsList. Then edit those coordinates, and re-pack it using ERFEdit.

That should work, but if not, we're all here.
Just one question. Which .git file should I edit? I'm asking because I see there are 7 Ebon Hawk modules (001EBO, 002EBO etc.) and each one has its own .git file. Is there a specific one I should edit, or will any one of them do?
Sorry for being a noob...
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