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I might have. To be honest I don't quite remember.

Jun-la gave a slight smile, "I wouldn't expect you to like this." She then stopped. She looked around. "Tara are you picking up anything?"

I am picking up a high energy source down corridor 22B. Scans indicate no vital system.

Jun-la looked at Alriana, "Should we?" She looked down at the child holding onto Alriana's hand.


A true Shinigami is never out of practice. Trust me, Right now I can think of three separate ways to kill you.

Tyrannus laughed at him, "And I am familiar with those ways too. Though I think it would be best served against the sangtahut standing with you. If you studied your history, you would know why."

Tavaryn narrowed his eyes. He had removed his helmet since the impact severely damaged it. His locks head beads of sweat. "I must have read a different history book considering it was your family that was declared a disgrace."

"Yes and the Heart of the Guardian was celebrated as heroes and for what? For insolent kath pups like you who carry secrets darker than what Palpatine could ever do? Don't judge me," Tyrannus replied. He looked at Varith who was getting to his feet. "And don't think that I won't give up on going after that precious young mind."

I'd leave the area if I were you two. It's about to get very cold in here.

Tavaryn looked at the Cathar. They had fought before but now they had a common enemy. It was a strange time but stranger things had happened. "You'll need help," he said.

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