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"You wanted to speak with me on something?" he asked a bit cautiously. "...and what makes you think I have something to regret?"

Avriela continued to work on Velox's wounds. She didn't respond for a moment and then said, "Everyone has something that they regret. A path not taken, a choice not made...a life not lived. Everyone has regrets Velox. Even the jedi."

She took another look at his arm and saw that she had done all that she could for it and then moved onto the other one. "I was actually going to ask you who you were before you joined the Sith. Were you a Jedi? A loner with force abilities? Or were you simply raised in the Sith Empire?"

Vlalkor headed towards Zarev who was still out cold on the floor next to Per'dra's bunk and he shook his head slightly as he gently lifted the wounded jedi and placed him in a bunk. He looked down at him and asked the question that he had beent thinking since he had seen him stagger onboard.

"So...can anyone tell me how Zarev can be here when he apparently killed himself on Balmorra? Any theories on how he survived? And how did he get here before we did?"

He looked over at Zarev again and began to pilot the ship towards Republic HQ for repairs. The Shan had been through quite a bit these last few days, she deserved a few repairs before the next adventure.
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