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Right... I've already started experimenting... I've found the .git file, and I'm playing with the coordinates. I don't know which nodes are the ones I'm looking for yet, but I'll find them sooner or later. I'm doing this without TSLRCM installed.
However, I think I just found one last problem (hopefully last).
What if I want to make this compatible with TSLRCM?
In the normal game (no TSLRCM), there are two files in the modules folder about the 003EBO module. I just found the .git and everything is fine. But in TSLRCM? I know the TSLRCM adds a new file in the modules folder (003EBO.mod). What I've understood so far is that the game ignores the 2 files about the 003EBO module (the ones that already existed before TSLRCM was installed), and now everything depends on the new 003EBO.mod file. That new file (.mod) is basically a compilation of those 2 old files... with some extra stuff added in them, right? Now, here comes the question:
I've found the .git in the new .mod file as well, but which files do I need to compile now in order to work in TSLRCM? I know that, without TSLRCM, I should compile the .git, the .are and one more file (don't remember the extension of that one.)
But, since the .mod file is a compilation of two files itself, there must be more files I need to compile now to produce my own new .mod file. Can you guys help on this one? Sorry if I've made something unclear here, if so, tell me and I'll try to be as much as understandable as possible.
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