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[K1 Idea/Request] Saving the Nameless Rakatan

I'm surprised no one has made a mod surrounding this yet especially after BoS:SR was released.

I always have wanted to be able to save the nameless Rakatan in the Mysterious Box that you are suppose to deliver to Motta the Hutt on Tatooine.

Basically it would just be editing existing quests.

It would require going into the Mysterious Box though instead of delivering it to Motta without hesitation.

You keep the box until you go to the Unknown World and either The One or Ll'awa the researcher (Ll'awa will only help you after you've completed his side-quest) will help you free the prisoner.

Here's where the options come in and are up to whomever wants to do this if anyone is interested.

Freeing the prisoner could mean several different things. Obviously he will not be made one with his old body since that body is long gone.

So either freeing can simply mean, finally letting the prisoner die painlessly (Lightside)

Letting the prisoner die painfully (Darkside)


Transferring the prisoner's soul/mind into a living prisoner at either camp (Elder Camp or the One's Camp) and this would be neutral since it's sort of killing the living prisoner's soul/mind.

The scope of this mod is ultimately up to any modder who wants to play with the idea. I just thought I post this for the hell of it.

This mod could be rather small or even big depending on how much story/action/etc you'd want to add to it.

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