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Originally Posted by supreme kotor View Post
I have encountered many issues although I have a theoretical work around. Muahahha.
What's your theoretical workaround?

I have been trying to use the Ultimate KOTOR textures by Thunder3 and also the individual texture packs by Xarwarrz all day.

I've been focusing on individual textures and modifying them then rebooting so I can see the result. So far no matter what I do I get blank black shaders.
I've reduced one texture fro 67Mb down to 113Kb and still blank black shaders...

There were problems like this when PC modding back in the day but mostly on ATI chipsets. The thing is, comparing the tga files already in the override folder that aspyr have used for ipad specific UI replacements the files I'm using/replacing are in exactly the same format.

Do you think we simply have a tiny amount of memory bandwidth to use?
If there's anywhere to edit that in the application files I'll keep an eye out but perhaps any texture over 100Kb for example will fail. I'm going to try some really simple ones and let you all know my results, if I can get anything to actually load in it will be progress.
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