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In case anyone's still interested for an alternative, I'm making available the source files (python 2.7 code) and a binary version for the translation tools we used for the greek translation of MI:SE (completed) and MI2:SE (translation is work in progress).

The source files are in a git-hub repository here:

The most recent zipped package (with a binary executable) is here* (compressed with 7-zip; just un-zip to a folder and run the MISEDialogTranslate.exe):

The code is not as well written nor as organised as I'd like, but it does the job; well, at least it did for the greek translation
I have used the PyQt4 v4.9.2 and Python Imaging Library (PIL) libraries for Python 2.7, so you'll need to install those if you want to edit the code and run it with python.

The translation tools are aimed for the PC (Steam) versions of the MI:SE and MI2:SE (I haven't tested with the XBOX or other versions).
Note that they are mostly intented for translation teams that need to extend the font files in order to add support for (multiple) non-latin characters of their native language, while maintaining the latin characters used in-game in the original English translation)

The tools support the translation of the,, *.hints.csv and credits.xml files.
The French language texts in the original game will be replaced with the new translation.
The main application (MISEDialogTranslate) is used to translate the dialogue text, ui text, hints and credits. From the "Tools" menu section you can launch the "Fonts Mod tool", that is used to extend the font files, and also the "Repacking tool", that can be used to recreate a valid .pak file containing the custom translation (in case you want to use that to ultimately create a binary patch). I have included some basic documentation in the readme.txt, though perhaps more details are required for the usage of some of the functionalities.

*. For the creation of the binary, I have used pyinstaller 2.x . Although the executable contains no malware, some antivirus -for example Avast!, may display warnings such as "The file prevalance is low" and run the application in sandbox mode (if you have enabled this in avast!) until you verify that you want to "continue the execution". I don't know how I can prevent this from my side (any ideas are welcome), but in any case, since the source files are availble, you can skip running the executable and try the source files directly.

The tools were tested in Windows 7. They should run in Linux distibutions too (at some point I had tested them in multiple Ubuntu installations -though not the most recent versions).

The translation tool is provided as is, and is considered to be a beta version. As I said, it works fine for the purposes of the greek translation, and I have tried to facilitate the capability to use other encodings (the default is the greek: windows-1253), but I have not tested this.

I intent to work on the code further so as to add some extra or missing functionalities, and organize it better, but I have no timeschedule for this and I have quite limited free time, so I make no promises.
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