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Originally Posted by Fallen Guardian View Post
Aww that's a shame but still, this looks great.
I don't think there would be a good way to even do that, since it would both require adding to the existing animations, although the problem doesn't lie in any of the robes/armors/etc themselves(nevermind the sleeve clipping issue), it lies in the head model itself.

It's probably that they never intended her to wear anything else, since, as some may be aware, even if she is given the feats to use armors, her appearance won't change. This is due to the fact that she, like Kreia, has all of her entries for armors/robes listed as her default clothing model(as in, p_VisasBB listed for the A-N columns). Also a problem is the fact that, as far was I remember, the "collar" is actually part of her head model. This might not be the case, but I seem to remember once where I tried to set up Visas' default clothing model to be used by the player, and there was a gap in the neck(or the collar, rather...heh), where her collar would be, if being used by her.

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