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Exclamation Serious problems on Korriban.

Basically, I'm doing the planets on KOTOR in a random order (which was okay according to a walkthrough I'm following), and after leaving Dantooine where Carth was told about his son on Korriban, I arrive on Korriban and get into the Valley of the Dark Lords only to find both Darth Banon -I think that's the name, Mallack's apprentice- (with his lackies) AND Calo Nord (also with his lackies). Both there, same time, same place, ready to kill me.

Seriously, I didn't even have to try to fight to know it was unbeatable, but even trying a couple of times nothing could actually work. This is on easy difficulty.

As a side note, Calo Nord doesn't appear on any other planet, anyone know how to undo this or fix this? I won't be able to get past Korriban unless they are both defeated.
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