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Originally Posted by Quanon View Post
Here's a preview for my part of the mod, modelwise. Not as highpoly as above and differant; but that's a good thing isn't it?

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If only I were mildly imaginative or creative, I could probably make masterpieces like those. Alas, I am not. So I am content to making other people's creativity into masterpieces

So, my progress on hilts continues, I've finished and shipped over two hilts over to VP for rigging:
Acheron (from the sadly now-defunct randomsabers), sitting at the slightly-higher range of ~1100
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(I may make a modification on the texture, simply to make the shading a little crisper, like the one below, but this is the general idea)

Guardian (2/3 of Brood's designs, Consular is in progress), sitting at a comfortable 500
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So, as I go through my library of stuff, I've found a small collection of ~quality~ lightsabers, that I simply have to optimize, map, texture, and ship over to VP. The only one that will be freshly modeled will be Consular (which will probably take the longest to finish, as well). By my projections, you've seen about half of my contribution to the mod, give or take. I'll keep you good people updated on when I finish what. I hope to have this all finished sometime in the middle of next week, though a more realistic expectation would probably be before next weekend. If I can finish sooner, great, as that would likely mean a faster release.
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