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Originally Posted by KaelVirum View Post
1. Is there a way I can modify my Party NPC's starting Classes?

2. If there isn't a way to do the first, or if there is, it really doesn't matter, I've found the "makejedi" script in Kotor Tool and have a fair grasp on what it all refers to. However, if you play as a Sentinel, which is my personal favorite, out of your NPCs there are already three Sentinels and so I was wanting to know if there was a way to modify the "makejedi" script so that your NPCs would have different Jedi Classes depending on which Class you start off with yourself. I'm not sure if I'd actually be the right one to do such a thing, as I haven't even tried to rewrite script yet, but what I was thinking was this:
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Or if that's simply too complex of a mod, how about just a script that lets you decide what their class should be once you turn them. Either way, I'd be happy with it.
You're in luck! Both are possible, but the first is easier. However, that second idea I had never considered, and find interesting.

For the first one, just open their .utc files in KT(if you have a copy in the override folder, use that instead of the one in KT's files). Inside are multiple tabs, but one should be labeled Alignment(or something similar; it has a slider on it with Good and Evil at the ends) and this is the one you want. It has a dropdown box for classes, and you can select the one you want and then save the file in your override folder.

P.S: If you want to pursue the second option, PM me, okay?

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