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Originally Posted by Mister Nihilus View Post
Korriban wasn't the first, as soon as I got there Calo Nord greeted me and was way too weak to take him, so I left for other planets first. As it goes in the way of quests, I've got into the academy, but haven't got any further because I can't pass them in the Valley.
Hopefully you don't mind spoilers, but they might not be at this point.

Calo is supposed to appear on the FIRST planet you travel to, after Dantooine - so long as you go far enough to meet him(although there are two planets you meet him earlier, and the other two later in the plot).

Bandon is supposed to appear when you've found three Star maps(or completed two planets, i.e he'd appear on the third planet).

This may be something of a bug, as the plot suggests that Calo has to be dead, for it to advance. Have you seen the cutscene where Saul mentions this?

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