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I actually thought about this a little bit more, and while I'm not interested in using Visas, someone else might be, so since she's the only one of your Party that starts off as a Jedi already, besides Kreia, I thought of this.

For Male Characters

You: Guardian - Sentinel - Consular
Her: Sentinel - Consular - Guardian

Now what this means is that if you start off as a Guardian, Visas will be a Sentinel like normal, however, if you start off as a Sentinel she'll be a Consular and so on and so forth. For Female Characters this order would simply be reversed so if you start as a Guardian Visas will be a Consular and so on and so forth.

Kreia, imo, shouldn't be messed with in this way since she's more or less the one training you and should be considered a rank above you and not subject to changing her class based on yours.
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