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Originally Posted by Canderis View Post
Beautiful. Truly.

Might I request of you trig to try these:

I was going to do em myself for this but uhhh my models are pretty bad so I'm sure you guys could do much better than I could.
Looking at these, I've decided that my input in the mod will be limited to 9 lightsabers. A hilt that symbolizes best the "spirit" of each force classes (3 bases, and 6 prestiges). Sentinel is a more technical, elaborate design, but still combat-ready. Guardian is sleeker, more combat practical and combat-worn (to the best of my texturing abilities, heh). Consular will be similarly sleek, but more elegant, something more ceremonial than combat ready.

Which means that the remaining 6 will build on these. Descent and Gladius will be included as the Sith Marauder and the Jedi Master hilts, respectively. Descent for the menacing, heavy-handed design. Gladius for the unassuming, humble design. Acheron, I think, would suit the Jedi Watchman design, being a more technical, but practical design. It looks pretty, and is fairly simple enough to make a repair to in the middle of whatever planet a Watchman is stationed, if needed.

The remaining lightsabers will be fit as best as possible to the spirit of the Weaponmaster (possibly an extravagant double-blade), the Assassin (dark and sleek, something possibly shorter and would be easy to conceal) and the Lord (menacing and ceremonial).

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