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Kotor 1 Video Card Don`t Send Error Problem, Need Help

I decide to play Kotor once again, but this time i get great, great trouble.
Im with Windows XP, and my computer is strong enough to run this game, but video card test failed, and give me a red point. And ofc i cant run the game. Its start and when i create my character and click on start(play) i get dont send error every time.

This is what is write next to failed test: Your current video card drivers are out of date Nvidia cards require Detonator 45.23 Drivers or better.

My Video Card is GeForce 9600 with 512mb, and im with latest drivers. I also try to run the game with old drivers but without success.

I rly love this game and dont know what will do if i can run it.
You are my last hope, and i hope you can help me.
P.P. Just to mention i finished kotor 2 few weeks ago and I had no problems with it.
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