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Originally Posted by TriggerGod View Post
Ah, you see, you should have been more specific. This would probably be better suited for asking in the RCM thread in the Taris Emporium, or... somewhere over at DeadlyStream, like their TSLRCM forum. Either way, it definitely doesn't deserve its own thread, especially in the forum for modding.
The only reason why I ask is because I'm staring at the scripts I need to modify in order to amend this issue. I would need to have someone help me understand the scripts a bit better so that I could make them work properly, but even so, someone would need to modify the appropriate .dlg files in order to have dialogue to fire the scripts. That is something I'm not capable of, at the moment, as I'm not sure of how to get TSLPatcher to merge files.

And I apologize for being vague.
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