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Three Funerals

His grandfather, His step-Grandfather, and his brother

I've given piggy-back rides for.

I'm 5'11"

which adds into his height.,...

but still, 3 times, within a few years. I've given my nephew 'Danny' a Piggie Back rides; Each time when we were all together; when we all had to gather for something like this.

It's strange.
I honestly don't know how I can feel.

what I mean by this: if people can remember when my brother died back in '08, I really didn't know how to feel at that point when my actual brother died.
It was at the "Calling Hours", my siblings were arranged by age, leaving (to the left of me) my brother 'J' last GF in his spot.
When it was me with my youngest sister to my right and my Brothers 'last girl' to my left. Both of them were clinging onto me as if I were a brick wall made out of solid steel. Strangely enough, I was just that.
I was suddenly reminded by experience of of the time when my younger sibling and another girl whom I had gotten to know, whom 'clenched' when we visited Daren Lake Halloween some few years before.

But when I was there for my brothers Calling hours, I was a brick solid wall of support. I was impenetrable; unable to react, or even show anything emotionally...

but WHEN DID hit me when I came back aboard to 'The Churchill', which was a week after.
I was a wreck. When I got back to 'The Churchill', I was an emotional wreck.

[edit2]I was pretty much not able to work for two week straight.

I was asked repeatedly: "You have a month's worth of leave time, why did you just take a week?"
My answer was simple: I was oin my way out anyways, I want a month's worth of leave. Period."

For two weeks I spent weeping for my brother. I didn't say this on here, but I had that problem.

Fast Forward: I came home, my siblings began tired of helping out my Mother with the loss. (this was Nov 08)
I had the obligation of 'taking over';

With the last week of my enlistment (back in Late Oct~Early Nov of that year), I was VERY close to my Sister 'A', but during Mid November of the same year, things turned for the worse.

Sister 'A' wanted to to explain why she sent her Husband "into the dog house"; but quickly to became alot about her mental therapy. And why my Mother wouldn't help spend the money to do so. My Mother had her reasons to not do so (IE: the money wouldn't be spent on therapy, but on x-mas and other bills, etc)

It got heated.

Very heated, at that point.

I saved my Mother and my Dad from a 'Never Again' relationship with their grand daughter (My niece); by doing what my Mother should have done, I slapped my sister 'A'.
Despite all the negative things that had happened that year (IE: Our brother 'J' dieing) our family fell apart.

This story is many years old now. And I still feel sorry for doing so, but I still believe that my action is greater than what would have been my in-action.

With the recent passing of our Nephew Cameron, I do have a positive with among all this tragedy; I have at least made one head-way with my sister 'A' in these years.

I got her to laugh at a 'real-life' joke that I've said.

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