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Main (only) reason Handmaiden and Disciple don't have additional training lines like all other companions do is because there weren't any VOs left for their training, but overall, what you want to do is rather easy (especially with TSLRCM's scripts at your disposal - we already did the difficult part).
There are quite a few script you'd need to modify in order to make training work for others, but it's mostly just changing script's name, NPC's tag in the script and attaching it to conversation.
Look at c_bao_feat2, c_bao_form, c_bao_jedi, c_bao_spel, c_bao_feat, a_bao_feat and a_bao_teach, all in override and all can be decompiled; they're pretty easy to read.
Then you'd have to modify dlgs for Handmaiden and Disciple with DLG Editor - take a look at how it's done for Atton and Bao-Dur and you can copy dlgs line by line.

Good luck!
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