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Soldier/Guardian Attributes Choice

Greetings guys. I got tough choices to make.
I start my attributes like this:
str - 16
dex - 14
con - 16
int - 8
Wisd - 12
Char - 8

I will go to light side, which will give me + 3str.
So my question is for attributes that i will get by leveing, and they are exact 5.
Im not sure what is better to spend first 2 Attribute to Constitution and Con to be total - 18, and spend the remaining 3 to Str, and Strength to be total - 19(22 with Light Mastery).

Its not big deal ofc, but im going for perfection.
Also if i spend 2 points to Con, will my chance to hit be good enough with 19 base str? I Play with Flurry and One-Handed Saber with Duelling.
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