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I'm from Greece and so my favorite team is Olympiacos F.C.
My favorite foreign clubs would be Barcelona F.C., Bayern F.C. and Manchester United.

Originally Posted by thejman217 View Post
It's alright. I'm no longer mad at Chelsea for winning. I'm angry at our bad luck and Arjen Robben's arrogance (wanting to take the penalty before the penalty shootout even though Schweinsteiger wanted to take it.)

And it's nice to see a true Chelsea fan. Most of the Chelsea fans I know are plastic fans and are fans only since they won the Champion's League or because of Eden Hazard joining Chelsea and how "talented" (good, but overrated) he is. (Bandwagons)

However, while I was born in Germany, I have Bosnian-Herzegovinian origins . And for our qualifiers, we have the easiest group. The toughest team in our group is Greece! *laughs*
Man, that' not nice. Mocking us...
Just kidding! I would be offended by your last comment... if you hadn't you hit the nail on the head. A few days before Germany's national team beat ours, we had made a commercial using the movie "Downfall". The com showed Hitler raving that Greece would beat Germany.
The worst thing is, our guys actually believed that we would beat you guys.
When I told them to be realistic once, they all started yelling and swearing at me, telling me that I'm an idiot. And when we lost, they said that I was bad luck and that we would have won if I hadn't said anything. Yeah, dream on, idiots...
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