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"What's our ETA?"

Vlalkor took a quick look at the readouts. "It looks like we'll be reaching Republic HQ is about ten minutes. We do need to repair and resupply the ship before we head off to Voss. I have a feeling that we're going to run into more hostiles so it's best to be prepared."

He then turned and headed towards the dormitory where Per'dra and Zarev were and saw that Per'dra was awake.

"How come I'm not dead? By all rights I should have been, but the Force must have been with me."

Vlalkor smiled as he heard her speak to what she thought was an empty room. "The reason none of us are dead is because of Zarev over there." He said pointing at the bunk across from her. "He somehow managed to give Voleran a taste of his own medicine with the force lightning. I don't know exactly what happend, or where Zarev came from for that matter but we stopped him."

He smiled down at her. "In fact, he carried you back to the ship before he passed out. He should be fine though, he just needs some rest."

"You know that man is right about me...I would have tried to kill you all,"

"Don't worry, I would put up a good fight."

Avriela sat down next to Velox and a soft smile appeared on her face. "But you didn't. And although how you ended up joining the sith was a bit different than the way I did, there are some things that are identicle. In a way, we both joined because we had no choice. But we have a choice now. Right now, you have a choice to leave the sith and do what you want to do with you life."

"What was your name before you took the name Darth Velox?" She asked quietly.
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