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Originally Posted by Lynk Former View Post
Emulators have nothing to do with piracy? Well, yeah, if you want to go into the legal gray area bit about the emulators THEMSELVES. You can download all of the emulators you want and it's all legal... the emulators ONLY. As soon as you download the games you never owned or paid for... BZZZT piracy. Let's not pretend it's not.
Err, what makes you think you have to download a game ilegally in order to play it with an emulator!?

Originally Posted by Lynk Former View Post
if people want it, it'll be pirated, consoles, PC, whatever.
True. Never said otherwise. I was simply commenting on the often used "piracy" excuse against PC gaming.

Originally Posted by Lynk Former View Post
I also laugh a little at the thought of missing out on games because it's not worth the price.Jeez, if I had that mind set, I wouldn't have bought a second hand PS2 for 50AUD and a tonne of really cheap PS2 games which were all exclusive must play titles (most of them NEW). I would have missed out on so much which I had gotten so easily. Of course, I guess if you didn't care, you cuold pirate all of that stuff and then try to justify it and say it's not actually piracy because those companies wouldn't have made money off of you anyway...
Well, first off a "must play" is a rather subjective qualification - what you consider a must play, might not be considered as such by others and vice versa.

Secondly, different people, different parts of the world, different living, financial (and other) conditions and mindsets - meaning not all of us have enough to spend on games on a regular basis, or are willing to spend much of what we do have on games on a regular basis. And I laugh a little at the mindset of "I just can't miss out on that game!" and especially at the "I have to have it now and will even spend money on a specific platform just so I can play that game." If I thought like that, I would have wasted around 400 euros on an xBox 360 and another 60+ on Mortal Kombat (and DLCs) just so I could play it on release day. Thankfully, I never did that and I can still play the complete game on my platform of choice and for less money at that.

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