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Originally Posted by igyman View Post
Err, what makes you think you have to download a game ilegally in order to play it with an emulator!?
Is there a way for me to play console games using the original discs/carts that I bought? Tell me how, I've only assumed you could only get illegally obtained ROMs and ISOs to work with emulators, but if there's a way for me to insert my legit copy of The Last of Us into my PC BD drive and play it, I'm all for that... so where do I go, how do I make this happen? Doesn't have to be PS3, you seem to know about this more than I do, I'd like to know what you know so that I can have a backup plan in case my one or more of my consoles die.

True. Never said otherwise. I was simply commenting on the often used "piracy" excuse against PC gaming.
You mean the people who bitch about developers making more games on consoles than on PC? You know, this is reminds me of Nintendo gamers complaining about third party developers not making games for Nintendo systems and instead making them for competing companies. The reason for both of these things is pretty simple... developers make games for platforms that have the majority of the audience that would like to buy their games to begin with. If a developer doesn't want to make a game for a Nintendo system or for PC, it's because they feel that there isn't an audience for them on that platform to justify that game being made.

However, this should be absolutely no problem for PC with the PS4/XBO since their architecture is the closest to PCs as it's ever been. Games that aren't bought or natural exclusives are going to be easily available on PS4, XBO and PC with very little fuss.

Well, first off a "must play" is a rather subjective qualification - what you consider a must play, might not be considered as such by others and vice versa.

Secondly, different people, different parts of the world, different living, financial (and other) conditions and mindsets - meaning not all of us have enough to spend on games on a regular basis, or are willing to spend much of what we do have on games on a regular basis. And I laugh a little at the mindset of "I just can't miss out on that game!" and especially at the "I have to have it now and will even spend money on a specific platform just so I can play that game." If I thought like that, I would have wasted around 400 euros on an xBox 360 and another 60+ on Mortal Kombat (and DLCs) just so I could play it on release day. Thankfully, I never did that and I can still play the complete game on my platform of choice and for less money at that.
That's the other extreme... but I already mentioned that you can wait for prices to drop to a reasonable amount and then buy those "must have" games... I mean, you make it sound like consoles and their games stay at full launch price forever and that's the ONLY option any one has. |

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