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First off, sorry for the late reply.

Anyway, judging by the item you uploaded, I'll assume you're using the Polish version of the game. Now, having never edited any other version other than the US one, I can't guarantee what I'm about to suggest will work, but it should.

So you edited the item in KotOR Tool, however, KotOR Tool, at least to my knowledge, automatically makes the item be saved with an English identifier on it. Which is all well and good, except when you try and put the item into any game that isn't the English version. When you put an item into a non-English version of the game with the description/name marked as English, the description/name won't show up. In order to correct this issue, you're going to need to download a GFF editor (I recommend tk102's K-GFF) and fix this problem more "manually."

Once you've gotten your preferred GFF editor setup, you should use it to open your item file. Now, if you're using K-GFF, it should look something like this:

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Now, as you can see, the identified and non-identified description (boxed in blue) have already been set to Polish (whatever you did with the description apparently caused this to happen). However, the name (boxed in red) is still marked as English. This is the reason the name wasn't showing up in your game. So, in order to fix this, just click on the name line, select the language box, choose Polish, then save the file and put in the override (pictures below).

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Now again, this might not work but to my knowledge it should. Hope I helped.

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