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Light examined the course Vlalkor had set before he had left the room, altering it at certain points in order to ease the transitions in speed. His estimate had been accurate, and Light walked back to the ramp, where he planned to wait out the rest of the time the projected course would take.

On his way, hee began to wonder if any of the companions would get off here, thinking to help the Republic soldiers, or something else. Velox, the Sith whose name Light had overheard, could go either way. The others seemed to be willing to stick with it, though he hadn't spoken to Per'dra or Zarev.

There were a couple of others he hadn't considered previously. Kif and Traver. Both had needed healing, last he had heard. Maybe they would both be unloaded here? This place wasn't exactly ideal, but it had a much lower probability that those uninvolved in direct combat would be killed as a result of it. But would this planet have the facilities needed to heal them?

Light sat by the ramp, thinking more about those who had taken this quest with him.
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