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Originally Posted by Cmdr. Cracken View Post
As a bro, dude.... :/

We're here for ya if it don't work out, but we will say we told ya so. Good luck and may the Force bless you and your GF.

Though I can't exactly say much. My GF cheated on me and we're back togeather (1.5 years dating now, and almost a year living togeather).

So.... I guess I should shut up. LOLOL.
yeah i know i feel a little more cautious now, am not going to let happen what i let happened before where she ran me below the ground financially (i was pretty retarded for allowing that to happen)...i told her this straight up too that i have a financial goals that i will not deviate from. lol not sure when i'll tell my parents that she's back with me, probably a few weeks after i get back. i gotta do what makes me happy, but will not let my finances get out of control like last time.

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