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Originally Posted by Ping View Post
What I would not expect is for Greeks to go to a soccer game and *not* riot. And seriously, AKs? I didn't know you could buy those in Greece. That amateur video seemed more like bad luck to me, though the video before that was a quadruple fail. Those refs also remind me of the ones in MLS; they typically make bad calls just for attention.
Unfortunately, "riot" is a synonym of soccer game for us. The things are wild inside the stadium, but outside of it... let me tell you this, a few years ago, if you approached a crowd of fans of a certain soccer team, you better choose wisely when they asked what your favorite team was, or you'd end up in hospital... Everytime there is an Olympiacos VS Panathinaikos match (it's like Barcelona VS Real Madrid or Bayern VS Dortmund for us), rocks will be thrown to break the teams' coaches, to break heads, to make trouble for the police... This is moslty done by Olympiacos fans. Of course, I'm an Olympiacos fan too, but not a *stupid* Olympiacos fan.
Also, about the AKs... believe it. Acquiring an AK-47 is one of the easiest things in Greece. 2 days ago, two police officers were caught in a gunfight with two members of a terrorist organisation (something like the "Death Watch" in Greece). The terrorists were carrying AK-47s. We're hunting 5 criminals who escaped from prison a month ago and they have killed a police officer and a woman with what else? AK-47s... All robbers and terrorists or any type of law breakers *must* carry an AK-47 with them. In Crete (BTW, it's where I'm from), you can buy an AK for 2500-3500 euros. Worst thing is, you don't know whether those guns have been already used in a murder or a robbery or not, so if the police catches you with an AK-47 that has also been used in a murder, you're f@#%d. All in all, the AK-47 is one of the most popular weapon in Greece. If you don't believe me, ask around and they'll tell you just what I said here.

Those refs are indeed done for attention, but come on, throwing snoballs at a player? Give me a break...
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