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Lightbulb kotor 3 based on the books (official story)

Hey i was reading the old republic book revan and i realized that someone could convert this into a kotor 3 i have next to no skill at modding but i could help with some script writing and plot divising and so on...

(warning this next part is going to be a spoiler for both the book and the end of both kotor games)

at the beginning of the book Revan is having memories of a storm covered planet (dromand kass) and it unsettles him so he visits candoris to see is the mandolorians had anything to do with this... and after a few weeks candoris finds out that the mandolorians are searching for mandolores mask on an ice covered planet and revan gets a memory of putting the mask in a tomb there and at this point revan has been married to bastila for nearly 2 years and as he tells bastila they are heading there he finds out that shes pregnant so revan decides that only he candoris and T3 are to go with him to the ice covered planet...

and i guess that i cant convey everything that happens in the book so if you want to make this mod you should read it

here is a link to the book on amazon
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