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Originally Posted by darth trea View Post
at the end of the book one of the main characters (lord Scourge) has the choice of either betraying revan and the exile (and this is the lightside choice for reasons of varying complexity which you would only understand if you played the jedi knight character in swotor or had read the book) and you could also have him kill the emperor and then turn on revan (id make it so the exile would be killed by the emperor because it would make no sense for him be able to kill revan on his own)
But there is little choice in events other than that one.

If it was set up in sections like the 400 DLC but longer sections- like what we saw in Brotherhood of the Shadow then you can get the fun action moments and add in the choices in those moments and wonder how could these impact the end of the story.

It wouldn't work if built like a kotor1/2 since there are jumps in time and the book is scattered.

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