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Originally Posted by leXX View Post
Might not even bother getting any of the new consoles, and this is the first time I've ever said that considering I've had pretty much every console since the Atari. Steam and The Humble Bundle seem more than adequate these days, but if I do it will be a PS4. I've only just realised how much I've been missing out on not being subscribed to Playstation Plus all this time, as I didn't realise it gave you so many games each month. Feel like a bit of a pratt tbh.
I think I will be doing the same thing you are - sticking with the PC.
I've always loved gaming on consoles. I like playing FPS/TPS and Action/Adventure games on consoles, but I've always liked playing RPG, RTS, and simulation games on PC better. However since Steam has been around, I'm becoming more of a PC gamer for all genres of games. They just give such great deals and since I've been gaming on PC more often I've come to realize that they are much better than consoles. When you buy a PC, you know that there will always be updates/support for as long as your OS is receiving them. With Windows for example, after a new version is released there is 5 years of mainstream support and 5 years of extended support for the previous version. Even after 10 years though, my OS Windows 7 will always work. It won't receive any new updates or features, but it will work. Consoles on the other hand can stop updating/supporting at any given time. When PS4/XBOX One comes out, eventually the servers for online play will be shut down. It might not happen until PS5/XBOX Two? even, but it will happen. At that point you will still be able to play single player, but you won't be able to play online. However with PC games, they usually work on multiple OS's and different versions of each. I can play online with people using XP and Windows 8 as they can with me. And if I have game with Steam Play I can play with people using Mac/Linux. I can't play a PS2 game online with someone on another PlayStation console though, in fact I can't even play with someone on another PS2 because they shut down the servers, like they will do with PS3 eventually. PC games, if they are popular enough and have enough players online each month, will always have servers open because even with a new OS released they can usually still be enjoyed on it.

PlayStation Plus is an awesome feature of PlayStation though. When PlayStation Plus first came out some of my friends laughed at me for having it. They thought it was funny that PS3 online was free yet I was paying for something they thought just gave you a little yellow plus symbol next to your name. Well I had the last laugh! There were certain games they were buying and when they told me they got one I would say something like, "Oh you mean the game that went on sale for FREE this weekend with PlayStation Plus? Yeah I got that." In the end some of them ended up paying more each month for the games they were purchasing than I was for being a subscriber and getting them for free or reduced prices.

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