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Light noticed Corsail walking over, nodding when they made eye contact.

"I thought it was going to be a more drawn out fight, but, I don't know. It happened pretty fast. Zarev suddenly leapt into battle, and when he struck Voleran, there was this weird light. Then an explosion, which threw them both away. Voleran got hit with a big sharp rock that had been on the ground, and he expelled some kind of dark shadow thing that looked to have gone off-planet... It was very strange."

Light paused to collect himself before answering the next questions.

"It seems we are headed to Voss, which is where I'd guess the next bad guy is. I didn't catch why we were headed there, but it seems important and related. About the mind control... If he was so easily able to take control of people, then why hasn't he taken control of more members of our group? I'm thinking that we are more mentally hardened than the other people who have been taken. Plus, there's Zarev, right? So there has to be a way out from under the control too."

Light paused again, before sharing his thoughts about what they would do next.

"So, it seems like we are going after something even worse than Voleran. And there are five injured members of our group. I'm sure some of us may want to stay and help the Republic HQ here. Others may need to stay for medical treatment. And some may use one or the other as an excuse to leave this mission behind. I'm assuming, but it seems like Zarev will stay for the mission. Per'dra will likely come too, because of him."

Light cleared his throat and swallowed before moving on.

"Vlalkor, Varik, and Avriela seem committed, but who can say for sure? Our most crucially injured are Kif and Traver, though I'm thinking Traver is on withdrawal. So those two might leave, along with that new Sith guy. What are you going to do?"
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