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Originally Posted by Scorge View Post
Amnesia and Slender got me, but I played a bit of Slender: The Arrival, and I'd say it's scary.
Yeah while the original Slender is a simple 1 level game, the new one looks amazing. Better graphics, more scares from other noises, orbs, apparitions, and the best part: a full length game! Unlike the first one it won't be free, but that's okay it's worth it.

Originally Posted by Sabretooth View Post
Slender is unnerving and startling, but it's like porn: it gets a very specific, natural reaction out of you and that's that. And maybe that's horror to a lot of people, I don't judge, I personally prefer it if there's something deeper down than simply eerie darkness and some bloke appearing suddenly with a loud noise going OOGABOOGABOOGA Stupid Dog.

Amnesia has much more work put into it wrt storytelling and environments. It may be down to the same formula as Slender, but at least it gives you a reason to explore and continue other than being just a heart attack simulator in which you look for random pages in some random ass area.


I'm interested in the many upcoming FPS horror games, but if they can keep it fresh and interesting and not just dive back down to Slender's here-let-me-give-you-a-heart-attack trick to making a 'horror' game.
See I have a different opinion than most. I agree that I enjoy playing a game like Amnesia that truly scares me, but at the same time has a deeper plot and is a full length horror adventure. However, I love Slender because of what it is, a "heart attack simulator"! If an amazing game such as Amnesia comes out it doesn't automatically make Slender bad just because there is something better out there. I like having different experiences in games. Sometimes I just want a fairly quick, simple, scary experience that is mostly jump scares like the games Slender or SCP-087 (endless flights of dark stairs). Other times I want to sit down and get involved with a full length horror fest such as with the games Amnesia or Penumbra. There is a place for all games.

I'm looking forward to more FPS horror games too, but it's tough to make games where you get big firepower truly scary. If there's too much shooting, yeah the game might feel scary in an intense rushed way, but it won't be terrifying. If there is less shooting, you'll be on edge, taking in the atmosphere and sounds, anticipating what's going to happen next. This makes a game much more scary, but there might not be enough action for what people expect in a FPS. It's a tough mixed genre to make a game from.

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