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"I don't know about the Sith either. Avriela seems to believe in him, but who can say that he wouldn't turn and kill us all, assuming we manage to complete this mission."

Light realized that Corsail was opening up to him, as the conversation went on.
"Yeah, well, you have to do what you believe is right. And there is nothing wrong with a bit of cynicism. I think I am too much of an optimist, honestly. And at least your intentions are pretty clear. If anything, I can say that it makes me more confident that you will fulfill your role, whatever that might be."

Light heard the landing procedures begin, and, speaking a bit louder, he continued.

"I wouldn't mind hearing more, but I think we are about to arrive, and there is much to do once we land. Perhaps we can have a longer conversation when we are en route to Voss?"

The landing sequence was finished, and the ramp lowered, hitching at halfway down, before grinding noisily to full extension. "Another thing to fix..."

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