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Obsidian on what KotOR 2 and 3 might have been

Obsidian News Template
Present status: Still in business
Estimated time to self-destruction at this moment: N/A

News concerns:

[ ] Layoffs
[ ] Dissolution
[X] Cancelled game(s)
[ ] Unhelpful publishers
[X] Post-mortem on why Game X was buggy and unfinished
[ ] Kickstarter
[ ] Coy teasing of Kickstarter
[ ] Game idea too good to exist
[ ] Possible new game


Knights of the Old Republic 3 would still involve the Ebon Hawk ship, your base and your home, and you'd have "a few" of the companions from the other KOTOR games. "You definitely have T3-M4 and HK-47 with you," he says, and at one point HK-47, its legs dismantled, would "ride around in your backpack like C-3PO does with Chewbacca in Empire Strikes Back". "So during one of the sequences in the game," Avellone expands, "you'd actually have HK-47 firing behind you and being your cover support while you're carrying him around on your back and getting to a repair station."
Interview by Eurogamer

Lots of interesting stuff about KotOR II, III, the restored content mod, Obsidian's working conditions, and more in this week's Obsidian's What Might Have Been Show.

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