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im almost home...but i dont want to get home and have the whole world disappoint me, and im thinking that that is inevitable. i hate the thought of being top that off my car i bought already broke down hoping all it needs is a battery. also i put on so much freaking weight here it sucks...went from 175 to 215. crazy annoying, i hate being fat and i can tell other people look at me like im a ****ing joke...that gets annoying and adds to the depression.

but then i take a step back and take a deep breath and think of all the good things i have going for me...

not having to work when i get home

though without people to do that with on a daily basis other than on weekends, i'll end up annoyed and angry at life.

i kinda set myself up for this though, not having to go work and having alot of free time to do college and workout. trying to stay positive and think of how i can become a better person or soldier.

also i'm planning on staying away from alcohol besides when i go on vacation to ocmd, going to see if i can keep that out of my system since it usually drains my pocket and leaves me even more depressed (sometimes, not all the time).

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