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Originally Posted by Lynk Former View Post
I don't mind if creators change their works, that's all well and good and if they want to change a whole bunch of stuff, good on them... What I do mind is when creators change their works and make it impossible for people to get the original versions of said works. It doesn't matter who the entity is that is changing that work, what Lucas was talking about back then was preserving the original copies of those works of art and making them available to people.
I want the theatrical versions of the movies as much as you do, but that's a completely different thing from what he was defending. He was defending the preservation of those films because the studios were altering them without the creator's consent, thus making the version that they intended unavailable to anyone. We can't take the context away and judge it.

Originally Posted by Lynk Former View Post
Are the Special Edition onward versions of Star Wars the original copies?
Again, the speech he made wasn't about theatrical versions vs changed versions, it was about changes being made without the creators approval or consent (most of them were dead at the time). He took a stance and defended that those original versions (which as far as we know were the final and intended versions for their creators) should be preserved. That's not the case with Star Wars and there is no contradiction.

Originally Posted by Lynk Former View Post
Doesn't matter who is doing the altering, that would be missing the point entirely.
No, it does matter because the speech he made is all about that. Studios changing movies without "permission" by their creators. That's why Lucas fought so hard to own his movies. So that couldn't happen and that he could do whatever he wants with them (for good or bad) without the studio having any say on the matter.

And again, I want the theatrical versions as well, but to say that that speech goes against what he's done is fallacious.

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