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@ Alexrd: I guess you're right, when I go back to read it again... it's even more depressing when I think about it now. His stance is "it's my movies and I'll do whatever I want with them"... okay... I guess... it's an unfortunate stance since such cultural artifacts, to me, belong to more than just the person who created it.

As amazing as it would be for Da Vinci to come back from the dead, walk into the louvre and decide to make alterations to the Mona Lisa... it would be a great cultural disaster.

That's why a lot of people are glad Lucas doesn't have control over Star Wars any more... but that doesn't mean the people who have control now are any better. Maybe the Chinese can save Star Wars like in South Park... who knows. Or maybe Disney will make something good of this... we'll just have to see.

@ adamqd: There are a few changes I like from the special edition... such as the revamped Battle of Yavin, making those X-Wing's look really good. However, as I said, I'd still rather we had access to the original versions. |

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